Karcher Scrubbers

Are you looking for a floor scrubber for sale in Perth? Is your office, warehouse, or factory in need of an industrial floor scrubber that can get the job done? If so, Karcher floor scrubbers are the answer.

Rosher is the proud West Australian dealer of the high-quality, world-renowned brand, Karcher. Everything you’ve come to expect in this German-designed, family-owned brand is what it’s range of floor scrubbers’ promises to delivers.

Karcher Floor Scrubber Range

Choose from a wide range of Karcher floor scrubbers including walk behind, step on, and ride on units. From the smallest commercial job to the biggest industrial one, there is a Karcher floor cleaner for every need:

Walk behind floor scrubbers

Karcher’s walk behind floor scrubber range offers compact, speedy, easily-controlled units for all commercial and industrial floor scrubber needs. These Karcher units can do the jobs that traditional floor scrubbing machines can’t.

Step on floor scrubbers

The step on range offers the maneuverability of a walk behind scrubber with the speed of a ride on unit. Karcher’s step on floor scrubbers for sale are perfect for any commercial, retail, corporate, or industrial need. They are eco-efficient as well; focused on saving time, energy and water.

Ride on floor scrubbers

The durable, fast, comfortable ride on floor scrubbers for sale from Karcher are able to deal with any awkward interior spaces out there.

Perth’s proud Karcher dealerr

Rosher is a proud stockist of Karcher pressure cleaners, sweepers, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, and other Karcher accessories and equipment. Visit us at our new, dedicated Karcher Showroom in Malaga today to view our full range of products.

We also supply Karcher tile scrubbers and Karcher paving scrubbers for those particularly hardy, uneven indoor and outdoor jobs too.

Over and above quality Karcher floor scrubbers for sale, we have a dedicated service team, which offers fast, efficient services on all products and equipment we sell.

At Rosher, we’ve been in the business for over 40 years and we understand just what our clients and customers want – excellent products that do the job well, the first time. We believe the brands we sell, namely; Karcher, Kubota and Antonio Carraro, all live up to that standard and higher.

For all your speedy, easy-to-use, Karcher floor scrubber needs, call Rosher today.

Walk Behind

Walk Behind

Step On

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Ride On

Ride On

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