Amazone Profihopper

The new Profihoppers, in combination with the Exact cutting rotor and the out-front mounted high class mowing and scarifying unit, are the ideal solution for the low dust mowing and collecting of grass and scarifying material in a single pass. This is a clear advantage that you can make use of in almost any mowing operation – especially in damp conditions.


Front mowing deck with integrated PowerCompactor collecting and transfer system via horizontal and vertical augers in a 1.25 m working width.
Safe operation on slopes with the intelligent 4WDi four-wheel drive.
More safety for the user due to the new articulated frame fulfilling the requirements according to EN ISO 5395.
Compact design and 0-turning circle. Precise in operation, even into corners, without first driving across the material to be cut. Manoeuvrable and fast in any terrain.
SmartCut exact cut rotor with V-shaped knife arrangement for an improved cutting and collecting performance at a reduced noise level. Mowing in any weather, even in damp grass. Start early in the morning without hesitation!
Blade change without tools – quick, simple and safe!
Versatile operation, all year round: Spring – scarifying • Summer – mowing • Autumn – leaf collection
Less time-consuming emptying: Thanks to the compressing concept of the PowerCompactor system, more than 1,000 litres of non-compressed cuttings can be packed into the 730 litre collecting hopper.
40-l fuel tank for uninterrupted operation – a whole working day long.
The PowerCompactor conveying system with its augers is insensitive to damage! Even tins, horse droppings and other rubbish can be collected.
The force-feed conveying of the PowerCompactor system operates without air assistance and is therefore virtually dust-free and quiet for the driver, passers-by and residents. Compliance is achieved with all environmental regulations.
High-lift tipping to 2.1 metres for quick emptying into lorries or trailers – comfortable discharge to wherever you want.

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