Ease of operation, operator comfort and superb serviceability make the Baroness LM2700 a stand out amongst the run-of-the-mill competition!

The mid-weight five unit fairway mower, delivers a high work rate combined with a superior quality of cut to tackle even the most difficult conditions. Free from multi-layer control functions and systems which so many mowers have today, you will benefit from superior reliability, improved productivity, reduced maintenance and simple repair procedures.


  • Tungsten inserted bottom blades with average life expectancy of 3 years.
  • Excellent traction, outstanding slope performance with minimal turf marking – increasing performance and presentation.
  • Minimal electronics.
  • Simple reel to bedknife adjustment with no locking or unlocking of components required.
  • Optional grass catchers.


  • Cutting unit motors can be turned off for ease of maintenance.
  • High quality, hard-wearing nickel-chrome-molybdenum cutting cylinders that require minimal adjustment, back-lapping and grinding- not unusual to exceed 750 hours between regrinds.
  • Excellent maintenance access with swing out rear units and full tilt bonnet for easy adjustment, maintenance and cleaning.


Drive Selectable 2WD-4WD
Weight 1750kg
Speed 2-wheel drive 0-22 kph, 4-wheel drive 0-14 kph
Engine Kubota V2203-M 4 cylinder diesel – 45HP
Mowing width 277cm
Cutting units 5 x 660mm, 9 blade, 165mm diameter reels (560mm 22 inch reels optional)

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