Kubota VS400-VS500 SERIES

With hopper capacities of 400 and 500 litres the VS400 and VS500 models are the ideal solution for small farms and special applications, like golf courses and sand and salt spreading. Spreading quality and ease of operation of this unique machine are unequalled – now as in the past. Spreading width from 1 – 15 metres.


  • SuperFlow spreading system.
  • Easy setting of the application rate.
  • A wide range of spreading spouts.
  • Border spreading is made easy!
  • Optional PS-ED II on-board computer available.


VS400 VS500
Hopper capacity (l) 400 500
Hopper width (cm) 145 145
Filling height (cm) 89 101
Weight 3-point types (kg) 121 126
PTO speed (rpm/min) 540 540
Three-point linkage category 1-2 1-2

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