Kubota SE8000 Series

The Kubota SE8000 series is designed and tested following highest farmer’s requirements in terms of performance and reliability. The SE8000 ensures a careful work for a better quality of the residues and its easier natural decomposition.

The development of this chopper was clearly focused on huge and intensive farms, so the SE8000 is ideal for very demanding and specialized contractors. The SE8000 is excellent for shredding crop residues, chopping straw, maize and sunflower stalks as well as set-aside land.

The Advantages

  • Heavy construction for a reliable utilization.
  • Versatile rotor for perfect shredding in all conditions.
  • Easy adjustment in the field.
  • Minimal maintenance, reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Precise assembly and accurate rotor balancing.
  • Flail blade as standard.
  • Hammer blade available as an option through Spare Parts.\


  • Semi automatic linkage (Cat III) allow fast coupling of SE8000 series.
  • In addition the floating bracket on 3rd point permit an easy control of the working depth without stressing force on the headstock.


  • Semi pivoting wheels (10/8.0 x 12.8 ply)as standard ensure good stability and a constant working depth of the SE8000 series during field operations.


  • The Kubota SE8000 series is always equipped with a double lateral transmission.
  • External and centralized greasing points of the rotor ensure a quicker maintenance.


  • The same rotor can be equipped with either Y blades or hammer blades; in all configurations, special fan blades lift the material up for a better shredding effect.
  • The big diameter (760mm) guarantees an excellent cut with low power requirement.


SE8320 SE8400
Working width (m) 3.2 4
Weight (kg) 1800 2230
No. of blades (universal/hammer) 120/60 152/76

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