Kubota PH2000 Series

The Kubota PH2000 series is a robust medium sized power harrow for effective operation in most conditions. With the Kubota heavy-duty trough design and Quick-Fit tines, the power harrow is the ideal choice for medium sized farms.

The Advantages

  • Robust, self-supporting trough design providing the necessary strength for trouble-free operation.
  • Two large conical bearings with a wide distance providing rigidity and a long service life.
  • Robust and reliable headstock for easy connection to all tractors and the attachment of heavy seed drill combinations.
  • Ample clearance of 90mm between the trough bottom and the tine holder.
  • Fully welded rotor housings ensure high bending and torque resistance to the trough when working in very tough soil conditions.

Heavy-Duty Trough Design

  • For optimum performance in difficult soil conditions, the robust trough design provides a large clearance between the tine holder and trough bottom. This allows large amounts of residues and stones to pass freely without blocking and provides excellent results in mulch conditions.
  • PH2000 Series: Two profiled 6mm plates, plus a 12mm reinforcement plate ensuring precise rotor spacing, high bending resistance in the 140 x 400mm trough.

“PRO-FIT” Active Tines – Optional Through Spare Parts

  • The “Pro-Fit” Active tines ensure optimum penetration in hard soil.
  • The tine, due to its shape, pulls itself into the ground. This gives a constant working depth and also prevents the machine from lifting out of the ground in hard dry soil conditions.
  • It creates additional recompaction at the packer roller.
  • The “Pro-fit” active tine lifts the material and pushes it in front of the power harrow. This gives an optimum leveling effect even in tractor tracks.
  • In mulch conditions the active tines can work directly into stubble and hard soil.
  • The special shape of the tines keeps residues on the surface and this gives a big advantage against erosion.
  • Helical tine positioning in order to prevent damage caused by stones and to ensure even leveling. This reduces also peak loads on the driveline and results in smoother running and less fuel consumption.

Quick-Fit Carbide Tines

  • The quick-fit tines for easy replacement and carbide tines for a longer lifetime and minimum wearing are available.
  • Quick-fit tines are simply fixed to the tine holder by a pin and a clip. All tines can be quickly replaced without any tools.
  • Down time can be minimised due to our carbide layered Quick-Fit tines. These tines ensure a long lifetime and minimum wearing even in tough and abrasive soils.

Packer Rollers


  • The range of rollers offers the right choice for all various soil conditions and crop establishment systems.
  • Cage Roller dia. 550mm: light to medium soil and dry working conditions, basic variant: mainly for depth control of the power harrow.
  • Tooth Packer Roller dia. 585mm: medium to heavy soil, most versatile roller – especially as part of heavy power harrow/seed drill combination.


PH2300 PH2350 PH2400
Working width (m) 3 3.5 4
No. of rotors 12 14 16
Weight with packer roller(kg) 1730 1954 2187


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