Kubota CD1000 Series

The Kubota CD1000 has been designed for operation up to 8cm working depth. Therefore, the Kubota CD1000 is 15% lighter than the CD2000, thus easier to lift and ideal to reduce soil compaction.

The CD1000 is available in working widths from 3 to 4m, the folding version from 4 to 6m and is equipped with a disc arm ready to receive the heat-treated disc of 520x5mm (hardness 200kg/mm²) without any lateral moving during work for a constant cutting quality.

The Advantages

  • 15% lighter – easy to lift, reducing soil compaction.
  • Strong frame design.
  • Constant cutting quality due to little lateral movement of the disc arm.
  • Heat-treated disc of 520x5mm (hardness 200kg/mm²).
  • Well protected maintenance-free disc hub for a long life time under large pressure at high working speed.
  • User-friendly settings.
  • Nice leveling and controlled soil flow.
  • Can be combined with the integrated pneumatic seeder SH200 or SH500 for establishing cover crops or grass in one pass during stubble cultivation.
  • Multiple roller options to choose from.

Sturdy Frame and Reinforced Headstock


  • Extremely sturdy – the CD1000 series is fitted with a frame well-proven with the Kubota cultivator range.
  • Reinforced headstock and a frame size of 100 x 100 x 8 mm, the CD1000 series can be equipped with the heaviest roller.
  • The brackets of the roller are fixed at the front bar of the frame for a better weight transfer during road transport and also at higher driving speeds.
  • Due to the small distance between the disc sections, the CD1000 series requires reduced lifting capacity.
  • The working depth is easily adjusted by spacers situated at the height adjustment rod.
  • The lateral deflectors are folded to keep the transport width in line with road traffic regulations.

Maintenance-Free Bearings


  • Each angled arm is fitted with a large maintenance-free double ball bearing and 35 mm axle. This high-quality bearing is able to carry heavy radial and axial loads.
  • Special protection on the side of the arm is achieved by a special seal of 5 sealing lips and by the joint protecting the bearing.
  • On the other side the disc is protected against dust by an O-ring.
  • The disc hub is fixed onto the arm by a bolt and special washers that prevent any loosening. The bolt is protected against soil by its position inside the arm.

Perfect cutting Quality

  • The upper part of the arm is fitted with special brackets to avoid any lateral movement: the cutting angle is fixed to ensure an optimum cutting quality even under the driest conditions.
  • The rear disc section operates offset to the front unit to provide optimum performance and trash incorporation.
  • A rubber shock system adjusted to the size of the disc and working speed.
  • The maintenance free arms are mounted between rubber buffers to absorb any shock loads from contact with unforeseen obstacles.
  • The notched discs improve its penetration and rotation irrespective of any plant residues.

Rear Rollers

  • According to the soil specifications, the consolidation required, the mixing of the soil and straw, the surface of the soil requested and the lifting capacity available, Kubota offers a choice of rear rollers.
  • Cage roller Ø 550mm – 90kg/m.
  • Actipack roller Ø 560mm – 220 kg/m: heavier, for clod crushing and very firm recompaction of the soil. Adapted also for heavy and sticky soil conditions.


CD1000 CD1000F
Working width (m) 3.0/3.5/4.0 4.0/5.0
Number of discs 24/28/32 32/40



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