IC 15/240 W Adv

The IC 15/240 W is the entry level model in the IC product series. The aim is to mechanise street cleaning and improve the efficiency of municipal cleaning. The IC 15/240 W is easy to operate and is equipped with a powerful vacuum unit as well as an optional blast lance. It is perfect for localised cleaning of difficult to reach areas. Efficient dirt intake based on the suction principle, i.e. the radial turbine installed in the centre of the machine creates a vacuum that generates a volume flow of up to 700 m³/h. The suction pipe vacuums the external air together with the dirt into the dirt receptacle. The air escapes through the blower via the suction channel and is released back into the environment, while the dirt is caught by a sieve in the dirt receptacle. When working in dusty areasthere is the option of a fine dust filter, which guarantees a dust-free operation and protects the blower wheel against contamination. The washable 3.6 m² polyester filter with proven and patented cleaning is classified in dust class M with a separation degree > 99.9%.


  • Easy machine handling and control – one hand is always free.
  • Hydrostatic, maintenance-free traction drive (forwards/backwards).
  • Designed for standard refuse bin(240L)


Power (kW) 4
Working speed (km/h) 6
Operating hours on one tankful 2.5
Container capacity (l) 240
Load capacity (kg) 70
Working width (mm) 100
Climbing capacity (%) 15


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