Swadro 1000

The Swadro 1000 is Krone’s largest double rotor centre delivery rake. It offers up to 10m work width with 15 tine arms per rotor. Six wheels are standard under each rotor.


Work width 8.80 – 10.00 m
Work width control Hydraulic
No. of tine arms 2 x 15
No. of double tines 120
No. of rotors 2
Rotor diameter 4.20 m
Rotor Height Control Electric
Separate rotor liftout Standard
Tyres on bogies 16/6.50 – 8
Tyres on running gear 15.0/55 – 17 10 PR
Power output 70 HP
Weight 2,950 Kg
Transport width 2.99 m
Storage length 7.00 m
Storage height 3.90 m

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