Kubota’s top of the line, mid-sized tractor, the L5740HDA is powered by a reliable 4 cylinder, 57HP diesel engine and Kubota’s exclusive HST Plus transmission. Boasting premium features to deliver professional results for any task small or large, the L5740HDA features Kubota’s Intelli-Panel tractor monitoring system, deluxe seating and independent PTO. Extremely comfortable and packed with user-friendly and efficient features, the L5740HDA tractor is standard with ROPS, offering you unmatched performance, versatility and durability to take on any landscape.


  • Kubota’s reputation for making exceptional engines has never been more evident than in the Grand L40. Kubota’s Three Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS) allows for increased airflow into the combustion chamber, where it mixes quickly and evenly with fuel from the fuel injection nozzle to deliver exceptional power and efficiency.
  • HST Plus automated control of both the HST pump and drive motor provides optimal performance, regardless of the task, working conditions or operator expertise.
  • The hydraulically activated Live-independent PTO clutch allows both the rear and mid PTOs to be independently engaged/disengaged while the tractor is still in motion.
  • Featuring three speed ranges, the L5740 includes a steering column lever to shift between high and low speeds for each range, expanding your options to six total speeds. Once your preferred range shift speed is set, you can easily shift the H-DS between the high and low speeds while moving. With a simple touch of the mode selection button, you can activate the Auto H-DS for automatic Hi/Lo shifting.
  • This function links the HST pedal and the engine throttle, synchronizing tractor speed and engine revolution. This greatly simplifies tractor operation and helps reduce fuel consumption.
  • This feature is especially handy when moving between locations depress the HST pedal. or when towing a trailer.
  • The HST response speed can be adjusted with a simple turn of a dial. If your task requires a quick response, you can turn the dial to the FAST setting. This setting is ideal for use during loader-related chores. If the job at hand needs a more gradual response, as used for turf work, set the dial to SLOW. When your preferred response speed has been selected, you won’t need to make any more adjustments with the foot pedal. It’s that easy.


  • Deluxe high back seat provides soft arm rests, wide seating, firm, shock-absorbing springs, a retractable seat belt and a weight-sensitive design that adjusts to your own posture. Seat swivels 12 degrees in each direction to better assist the operator when using rear implements.
  • The Grand L40’s fender and wide step deck features a larger, more comfortable step through area.


  • Responsive hydrostatic power steering makes every job easier. Straight-a-ways and tight turns alike are taken smoothly, while steering remains easy and worry free when a heavy load is applied or the front loader is used.
  • Kubota’s state-of-the art diagnostic IntelliPanel keeps you well informed with easy-to-read indicators, displays and sensor messages so you always know exactly how your tractor is functioning.

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