ERGIT 100 TRX 7800 S series

TRX 7800 Serie S (71 hp) are professional tractors with a mature, certified technology. The modern design, alligned with the AC top-range tractors’ family feeling, is functional to a better practicity on-field. The choice of direct injection, worldwide admired engines is a promise of low consumption and top performances.

TX and TRX 7800 S are designed for agricultural tasks on flat or sloping grounds. The perfect weight distribution and the 4-wheel drive offer great grip, constant traction, nearly no soil compaction. Moreover for the soil safety, the front traction can be deactivated at any time.

TRX 7800 S is an isodiametric tractor with RGS™ Rev-Guide System , an integrated system which allows an 180° rotation of the driver’s station, in order to use naturally frontal devices (forklift, blade, mulcher, snowblower). Its great versatility makes it fit both in agriculture and in urban and green maintenance.


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