ERGIT 100 TTR 7800/10900

Mountain pastures, hillsides, flat country, sloping vineyards and orchards, embankments, urban parks, sports fields: on steep slopes – especially for grass cutting – TTR is the greatest specialist of its category, with a unique stability thanks to its wide wheel track, its very low center of gravity and the 4 equal driving wheels with wide treads, which – along with a powerful engine, constant traction and a tight turning radius, makes this machine suitable to every kind of ground and climate, overcoming every harshness all over the year. The RGSTMRevGuide System, the multi-function joystick and its outstanding visibility highlight its ergonomics, simplify work and reduce the operator’s fatigue.
TTR is available in 2 versions: TTR 7800 (71 hp), 4 cylinders, 3300cc, 16 valves – and the Kubota-powered TTR 10900 (99 hp).

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