Jarrett TM 232

The Jarrett Tm 232 is a finishing mower with a cutting width of 2.3m.


General Construction

  • RHS chassis fully welded and capped
  • 8mm steel spindle mounting plates
  • Spindle plates mounted between RHS chassis
  • A-frame bolted to main deck
  • Clean deck design for easy cleaning
  • Safety covers in heavy-duty Aluminium tread plate


  • 4-groove cast iron
  • One pulley suits all spindles
  • Tapered spline lock mounting to spindle shaft
  • Machined deep groove, ‘B’ section belt profile
  • Twin belt drive to each spindle
  • Large wrap-around belt surface contact for superior grip and drive


  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Sealed oil bath lubrication for minimum maintenance
  • Precision machined heavy-duty cast iron housings
  • Internally mounted oil seals
  • Heavy-duty 6308 ball bearings
  • Precision machined 40mm dia ‘Duraflex’ shaft
  • Tapered spline shaft for pulley and cutter base

Cutter Head

  • Tapered spline lock mounting to spindle shaft
  • Std 4mm finishing tip blades
  • Optional 7mm pasture blades for most models
  • Quick & easy to change blade types
  • More flexibility for varying conditions
  • High tip speed ensures superior cut


  • Twin ‘B’ section belts
  • Quick & easy belt replacement
  • Single-point tensioning (main deck)


  • Solid rubber rear wheel kit
  • Short front roller in lieu of full width front roller

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