Jarret RB 6-100 / RB 7-100

The Jarret Redback 6-100 / 7-100 has a cutting width of 1800mm and 2100mm. The body is made from 6mm thick steel.

General Construction

  • One Piece body sheet eliminates collection points for grass and debris
  • Unique ‘clean-top’ design makes cleaning a breeze
  • 3-degree ‘centre-to-side’ slope adds to the ease of keeping debris and water off
  • The ‘centre-to-side’ slope gives better grass flow at the entry/exit point
  • Full length shoulder gussets adds extra strength to the side of the slasher body
  • Hot –dip-galvanized body keeps your slasher in good order for many years of service

Headstock Linkage

  • All models use a strong ‘bow’ headstock and solid backstays as standard
  • An 8mm mounting plate is hidden in the body for a super strong mounting
  • You can bolt your Headstock to either central mount, left or right offset
  • The Top Link Slide of the Headstock allows the slasher to follow the ground contour
  • Solid backstays allows the slasher to be reversed into dense debris without rearing up

Body Guarding

  • Chain links are welded to a heavy duty steel bar make for simple yet super strong Chain Guards
  • The fabricated Chain Guards are bolted to the body and added strength to the leading edge
  • This chain guard system allows for simple repairs if damaged
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Rubber panels are bolted to the rear body panel as standard


  • A large 200mm radius both front and rear helps the slasher ride over irregularities on the ground
  • Skids are reversible for longer life
  • Skids are adjustable and give the slasher four different cutting heights
  • Unique Skid adjustment plates give the skid’s cutting height a positive lock
  • Skid Adjusting Plates add extra strength and support to the already strong skids


  • Rear Chain Apron in lieu of rubber
  • Single Height control wheel
  • Dual height control wheel

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