Land Pride OS1548

Land Pride’s Solid Stand Overseeders offer precise placement and seed-to-soil contact, making them ideal for over-seeding existing stands of grass or establishing new turf. The three way seed-to-soil contact system provides great germination and emergence with the solid advantages of a full-width seeding pattern. Your choice of straight or curved knives slice into the ground creating slits to receive the seed. Fluted seed cups precisely meter the desired amount of seed in a broadcast pattern, delivering outstanding metering accuracy. The solid, cast-iron packer wheels finish the job by pressing and firmly packing the seed into the soil, eliminating most air pockets. Choose from gauge-wheel drive or plant close to sidewalks and obstacles with the rear-roller drive


25-60 HP
30-60 HP
Cat. 1
Working Width [broadcast] (cm)
51″ (129)
72″ (183)
Overall Width [w/ rear roller drive] (cm)
60-1/8″ (153)
81 1/2″ (207)
Overall Length (cm)
49 3/4″ (126)
Weight – (kg) (gauge wheel drive)
1,250 (567)
1,605 (728)
Knives – 5 per flange
Curved 115 on 2″
Knife Tip Speed
2000 FPM (10.2m/s)
Knife Depth (mm)
0″1 1/2″ (0-38)
Knife Spacing (mm)
2″ (50)
Knife Construction
Curved Knives: 5/32″ Thick High Carbon, Heat Treated Steel
Rotor (mm)
18″ (457) Diameter
Productivity @ 3-1/2 MPH (5.6KM/H)
1.5 Acres/hr (0.6 ha/hr) [broadcast]
2 Acres/hr (0.8 ha/hr) [broadcast]
Depth Adjustment (mm)
0″ – 1-1/2″ (0-38)
Blade Spacing (mm)
2″ (50) or 3″ 76)
540 RPM Cast Iron Housing
Seedbox (lts)
4 (140) Bushel; Paddle Agitator
6 (210) Bushel; Paddle Agitator
Small Seedbox Capacity (lts)
0.95 or 1.36 (33 or 48)
Seedbox Construction
Water Tight Box with Wind Guarded Seed Splash Lid
Number of Seed Cups
Seed Cups Drive
Powder Metal Flutes with Individual Cleanout Handles, Rear Roller Drive
Packer Wheels
12″ Cast Iron with Corrugated Scraper
Roller Chain
#80, Adjustable, Full Enclosed in Oil Bath
#100, Adjustable, Full Enclosed in Oil Bath
Fully Shielded, Heavy-Duty, Cat. 3 Slip Clutch Std
Transport Lights

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