HDS 13/20-4S EASY!

You will not find more power in the Super class of hot water high-pressure cleaners from Kärcher: the HDS 13/20-4 S is the most powerful machine that we offer. The high water flow rate allows two-spray lance operation, making time-consuming tasks easier and quicker. The EASY!Force HD trigger gun uses the recoil force of the high-pressure jet, thereby reducing the holding force for the operator to zero. With a range of innovative equipment features, like the eco!efficiency mode, service switch for water hardness regulation, turbo blower, precise cleaning agent dosing unit, optimised burner engineering, high pump efficiency and patented nozzle technology, not only is the machine highly efficient, but it also delivers outstanding cleaning results. Another highlight is the large LED display on which the filling levels of fuel and cleaning agent, as well as information on system care, can bechecked easily at any time. The ease of use of the machine, sophisticated mobility concept and easy access to all of the relevant components also make handling, transport and servicing much easier for the operator.


  • Roomy storage compartment for cleaning agents, gloves and tools.
  • Precise dosing valve ensures low consumption.
  • Easy changeover between cleaning agent tanks 1 and 2.
  • Led display with Fuel, cleaning agent, system maintenance indicators.
  • Trigger gun, EASY! Force Advanced


Type of current (Ph) 3 – 420 – 50
Flow rate (l/h) 650 – 1300
Operating pressure (bar/MPa) 30 – 200 / 3 – 20
Max. temperature (feed 12°C) (°C) 80 – 155
Power rating (kW) 9.3
Fuel oil consumption, full load (kg/h) 8.3
Power cord (m) 5
Fuel tank (l) 25
Weight (kg) 186
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1330 x 750 x 1060

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