Swadro 1400Plus

The new and updated Swadro 1400 Plus offers the best windrow formation not just due to the cam track design, but the different rotational speed between the front and the rear rotors. This results in no rpoing of the material which can be seen in machine of this class. The larger gearboxes and PTO drive shafts results and more reliability and keep professional users in the paddock for longer.


Work width 11.00 – 13.50 m
Work width control Hydraulic
Swathing Width 1.40 – 2.20 M
No. of tine arms 4 x 13
No. of double tines 208
No. of rotors 4
Rotor diameter 3.60 / 3.30 m
Rotor Height Control Electric
Separate rotor liftout Standard
Tyres on bogies 16/6.50 – 8
Tyres on running gear 620/ 40 R 22.5
Power output 100 HP
Weight 5,700 Kg
Transport width 3.11 m
Transport height 3.99 m
Storage length 8.50 m
Storage height 4.07 m

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